Introducing Ilam Research Center for Medicinal Plants and Biotechnology


This center has been established to study, investigate and produce herbal medicines with the help of expert people.

In this center, with the cooperation of all the faculty members in the field of pharmacy, significant studies are underway. The Biotechnology Research Center and Medicinal Plants have been linked to research centers and relevant organizations to use their experiences.

Its efforts have always been in line with the socio-economic and cultural development of the country. Our goal at this center is to use the academic strength and talents along with powerful researchers, and also to lead the research in the field of medicinal herbs in the western part of Ilam province.

The mission of the Ilam Medicinal Plants and Medical Biotechnology Research Center:


  1. Performing fundamental research for production of science in the field of medicinal plants
  2. Performing applied research to promote the pharmaceutical system of the country
  3. Educating extensive researcher in the field of medicinal plants
  4. Association with the industries of supplying and distributing medicinal plant products to meet their research needs
  5. Increasing usage of suitable vegetation cover in the country and the province for pharmaceutical production.